First Declaration

 2008 is the year I ate my words.
I will never….cohabitate before marriage.  Doing it.
I will never….color my own hair.  Done.
I will never….have a blog.  Welcome to I Do Declare.
I also never thought my days would have so many free hours, but if time is the lottery jackpot, these days I keep hitting Powerball. In August, funding issues eliminated my job, so I packed up my Capitol Hill bungalow and moved to the Maryland ‘burbs where after nearly a year of opening his heart to me, my boyfriend Dan is now opening his home. The job loss can be blamed for expediting our shack-up and the bottled blonde, though I must confess, I am secretly glad to justify our pre-nupt living together.  And… for $6.99, my roots are managed until salon splurges can return.  As for blogging, during all my down time I am discovering so many fun blogs that I just had to have my own…


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