Bargain Basement

I love to spend a day combing through antique stores!  My favorites locally are The Old Luckett’s Store and  On A Whim in Lucketts, VA, and Shoemaker Country in Ellicott City, MD.  Since I’m jobless, the desire to find a good deal has heightened! That’s why I am especially pleased about the bargain I found today in my own home! Like any good find, though, I had to dig for it….through this:


Housed in the basement, which remains an ultimate Manland, this is Dan’s cardboard collection.  Impressive, I know! Such a steward of the Earth, he didn’t have a recycle bin, and simply refused to trash pizza, beer or any other boxes. Better in a basement than a landfill, right?  Hmm…debatable.  As fate would have it, though, the county dropped off new recycling bins yesterday, giving me the inspiration I needed to break down the boxes. A basement closet would reveal an even greater cardboard hide-away (enough to fill a long hall!!)  but underneath it all, I also found a really fun lamp!  

I learned the lamp was left here when Dan bought this place.  With a wipe-down and a shade, I think I found the perfect place for it in the kitchen:


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