Apple Jacks


I found this photo on a sassy blog called Brown Turtleneck Sweater, and it reminds me that I’ve yet to pull out my own big glass vat and serve my favorite fall cocktail, Apple Jacks.  A proud native of Tennessee, I have great love for two of my state’s most famous residnents: Dolly Parton and Jack Daniel.  Loyal Dolly fans know Apple Jack is the name of one of Dolly’s songs from the 1970’s, and well….there is no need to explan the role Jack plays.  I thought I’d created this name for a signature drink, but Googling revealed someone thought of it before me (though likely without paying homage to Dolly). I’ll still toast Tennessee when I sip an Apple Jack on a Fall night in Maryland…until summer brings back days of drinking DollyPartiniswhich I still claim as my own creation!

Apple Jacks: Heat apple cider (about 1 1/2 cups per person) , add Jack Daniel’s Whiskey (amount per your liking….) serve with a cinnamon stick. Can also be served chilled, but is much better slightly warm


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