One Tuesday Every Year…

Today is a big day. I would be remiss, and quite frankly, untrue to who I am if I did not mention that Kenny Chesney’s new cd, Lucky Old Sun,  dropped this morning. I am on my way to purchase at least one copy right now because listening online is simply not enough. I need to declare my public support by walking around TARGET with Kenny in my hand, I need to tell the cashier that I’m from East Tennessee and Kenny is from East Tennessee so we’re kind of like, related, and just like that,  the cashier will feel in the Six Degrees game of knowing Kenny that I’ve put her one degree closer.  Mostly, I need to buy the cd and check the insert and read who he thanks because one day I’m certain he will offer  “to Shannon, Jenni, Savanna and that blonde girl behind the sign, thank you for how you live your life” because if you know Kenny the way we do, you know he’s really big on living life – generally and specifally- and thus, that is what we do, too.  Go get your copy of Lucky Old Sun  right now because even if you don’t like Kenny, you know you want to hear the songs he wrote about Renee.

Somewhere In The Sun


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  1. […] but yesterday, signs were clear that the day expected more: an 80 degree heat wave in October, new island-themed music that I can’t stop playing, Dan’s wild obsession with Dopplar Radar, and Omar on his way […]

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