Chalk It Up To Being a Copycat

Cottage Living

Photo Credit: Cottage Living

Last year I pulled this picture from a Cottage Living spread and put it in my Ideas Folder for one reason – I loved the fancy framed chalkboard!!! If you can’t tell, it lists the Arkansas football schedule. I’m a Vol fan (even during trying seasons like this one…) and thought this touch of personality and school spirt was adorable! I spent the last year trying to find a chalkboard or a pretty frame in my budget to copy the look; I even attempted to make one on my own.  Once I bought a wooden board with intentions of covering it in chalkboard paint  but it woulnd’t fit in my car and had to be immediately returned.  Luckily,  my mom was shopping in Charleston this summer and stumpbled upon this, which now hangs in my kitchen:

Thanks, Mom!

Thanks, Mom!

While not as ornate as my magazine muse, the frame is more than 100-years old and really more fitting for my casual space.  With just one tiny exception, this chalkboard musters more comments from visitors than anything else in the house.


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