When life hands you a theme…

Sometimes the stars just align, demanding a little whimsy for a Wednesday.  Usually for me, that means Lipstick Jungle,  but yesterday, signs were clear that the day expected more: an 80 degree heat wave in October, new island-themed music that I can’t stop playing, Dan’s wild obsession with Dopplar Radar, and Omar on his way to the USVI.  What is a theme-loving girl to do besides create an impromptu Hurricane Party?  After all, if one knows she is going to be held against her will watching The Weather Channel, it might as well be festive! 

Beach towels & Hawaiian shirts make great table linens for tropical themed events

So…I whipped up some opened a box of jambalaya  mix and added some sausage. I am sure true Cajuns would cringe at this, but instead of using smoked pork, I love browning a roll of breakfast sausage.  If I owned a small sand bucket, I would have used it to serve the jambalaya.  I think colorful, plastic buckets make great serving pieces for a beach party, especially if you have a shovel to use in place of a spoon! 

I raided the liquor cabinet and shook up some Hurricanes. 

 Why, even Chloe dressed for dinner, proving with the right props, any given Wednesday can be fabulous!

Hurricane Hound

Hurricane Hound

Hurricanes: 1 oz vodka, 1 oz Bacardi 151, 1 oz Painkiller Rum; 3 oz orange juice, 3 oz pineapple juice,  1 1/2 oz Grenadine Syrup; Mix, shake and pour over crushed ice; garnish with fruit


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