Fireplace Wine

In spite of frequently visiting local wineries in Virginia and Maryland, I don’t know as much about wine as I wish I did. I’m very guilty of buying a bottle because I like the label or it has a catchy name. This weekend, my village wine store hosted a tasting from a label called El Fogon.  Since I’m such a friendly patron, I obliged by sampling. Featured were two whites, Chardonnay and Torrontes, and two reds, Malbac and Cab Sauv.  The Torrontes and the Cabernet are very good….especially for $10 a bottle. El Fogon is “very drinkable” as my friend Anne likes to say. That’s code for tastes good and in our budget.  I took home a bottle of the Cabernet, because it’s very drinkable, but mostly because at the tasting the sommelier told me that in Spanish, El Fagon means “The Fireplace”.  Between August and November I spend many a night by the firepit in the backyard….and many a day recruiting friends to come join me.  What a perfect wine to drink through Fall…or if you have a fireplace in your house…all winter!  Someone should bottle a wine, giving inspiration and a fancy name to “In Pajamas On The Couch” because an entire day  a night spent in elastic-waist pants…well, I can drink to that!


2 Responses

  1. Wish I was there to drink by the firepit!!!!!

  2. Then Southwest yourself up here- stat! I’ll create a buffet of Devil Dogs, grilled cheeses, ice cream and Alli…

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