Got Milk Glass?

I’ve decided what kind of antique collection to start in 2009….milk glass!

Years ago when I first hit the antique trail with my mom and her friend Gayle, Gayle asked me what I was going to collect. I had no idea! I’ve discovered (since growing a caboodle of cake plates and rolling pins) that shopping as a collector always gives you just cause for pulling off the road to check out an eye-catching store, and validates purchases that otherwise would seem excessive. You need another cake plate??? Yes, I collect them!

When I’m shopping, my eyes always wander to milk glass vases and dishes, but it wasn’t until I saw a milk glass chandelier yesterday that sealed the deal.  I had been considering ironstone.  All the cool kids collect it.  Maybe one day! For now, I’m declaring myself a milk glass girl.


One Response

  1. Guess what? Mom and I have some milk glass pieces that belonged to Daye and her mother and grandmother. There is a milk glass basket piece in C’s bathroom. This chandelier is too cool!

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