Awkward Silence

I haven’t blogged in forever – nearly a month! I have no real excuse, but several empty ones:

  • The busy holiday season – 8 days in TN and I leave this weekend for Christmas Part 2 in Virginia Beach
  •  A misplaced camera – it must be around here somewhere, especially since I’m becoming Organized in ’09
  • I joined Facebook – it’s the ulitmate time suck, but how it nurtures the voyer in us all

I’ve also been reading other blogs more than attending to my own.  Blogs like Southern Weddings, Style Me Pretty and HumanStory because DAN AND I ARE ENGAGED! It happened back in December when I found a beautiful ring hanging on the Christmas tree (after thwarting plans for a fancy night on the town). One would think such a milestone would warrant at least a blurb on the blog, but who has time when you’re putting into motion plans you’ve been laying for 20 years? Hee…

There’s also the job search. Don’t ask.  Just hope.

In any case, I hope to be a better blogger in the new year, and am backlogging on some fun times and fun finds today!


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