Tres Bittersweet Bon Amis Celebration

Circa-Somewhere In the Sun Tour

Circa-Somewhere In the Sun Tour

I have a great day planned today! I’m trying on bridal gowns with Jenni, lunching with Jocelyn, and having a celebratory dinner at one of my favorite DC restaurants, Bistro D’Oc, with Shannon and Jenni.  I shouldn’t be sad about it, but I am. It’s bittersweet for two reasons. First, I have to go to a French restaurant while dieting.  Second – and most seriously – this is the last time for a long while that the three of us will be together in our favorite debriefing space.

Obama’s first day in office is Jenni’s last day, and after a short jaunt around Europe, she’s returning to her native Nashville.  Sure, I moved 45 mintues away, but she’s REALLY leaving. And I’m REALLY sad.

Shannon emailed us yesterday the above picture from years ago, just as the three of us were becoming close friends.  Countless Work Out Breaks, road trips to TN, Kenny concerts, CMA Awards watch parties and bottles of wine popped Just Because later, it’s almost time for good-bye. I’m very averse to change, and not looking forward to this….at all.


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