Keeping it real.

I feel the complete opposite today of the cheerful person who usually posts blogs here.

I woke up this morning craving chocolate cake. I ate a Moon Pie, instead, because it was on my bedside table. I wish I’d made up the last part, but it’s true.
I went to access the website of the photographer I booked for my wedding, but his site  says account suspended.  Awesome.  My DJ doesn’t have Back Where I Come From on his playlist. How could I have possibley connected with someone who has never played that song?

It’s only 3pm, and I want a vodka-flavored drink. I’m still in my pajamas, and have yet to brush my teeth. I didn’t get out of bed until 10:30 this morning. Dan left for work frustrated because he had no clean brown socks. Is a dark load of laundry spinning now? No.
I know that I need to pray more. I need to bleach my teeth,  use my last unemployment check to buy Alli and spend less time on the internet.


5 Responses

  1. You are hilarious! I MISS YOU!!!!

  2. Cheer up little one! Be happy, you have a wedding date!! YEAAAA did you get a dress, what kind of flowers are you doing… and dont worry about the DJ or photog. I think they secretly do these kinds of things to induce panic attacks in brides to be!

  3. Admittedly, I forgot you had a blog, but I’m here now, and plan to dedicate myself to reading I Do Declare from here on out!

    So J you had a moon pie readily available. I want one.

    WTF about your photog?!

  4. No worries chick… pay the DJ to buy Chesney, just like I payed my band extra to play Rocky Top EVERY time it was requested!

  5. I love that you hadn’t brushed your teeth and the moon pie on the bedside table is classic!!!! Miss you!

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