Feeling High Browed and Polished

www.casualluxuries.com     +    eyebrowwaxmod1    =          shcover

I am fresh from the “spa” – if that’s what you’d like to call the Nail Trix in Columbia. For a strip mall nail place, though, it is pretty sas. My face felt hot wax for the first time in 2009 and my piggies are ready for Spring. I know it wasn’t a very recessionista move to make, dropping cash on pampering when I don’t have a job.  Here’s hoping Congress doesn’t take away my unemployment benefits for using them so frivolously… I spent with great intention, however, fully believing that well-groomed hands and a beardless face would work through me and my disposition in the same manner as the Broken Window theory of policing works in bad neighborhoods.  Now that I feel pretty, perhaps in an effort to maintain and enhance this sensation, I’ll be less tempted to eat marshmallow fluff straight from the jar. In a Secret sense,  I’m prepared for a big interview.  Funding this philosophy may prove a worthy investment, and  I think Rudy G. would agree.


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