Etsy Obsessed


Do you know Etsy? Probably so…but I’m not as hip to online trends as you may think, and I just recently discovered this site. It’s like ebay for creative, crafy people! As much as I wish I was an excellent DIYer, sadly, I am not.  In areas that would be especially helpful for saving some wedding dollars (like making my own placecards or labels) I’m especially bad. While I always have a clear vision in my head for the design I want,  I don’t own a color printer for bringing a PC vision, much less a mental one, to life. Even if I did, I would need help loading the paper. Thank goodness for fabulous vendors like stickermechic and swishdesigns.  Because of these talented (and affordable) women, I have added custom details to my wedding that otherwise would have just been on some story board in my mind….because I don’t know how to produce one of those on a computer either.


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  1. […] In Pink labels give a wonderful custom look to the party, and anyone with a color printer (or an addiction to Etsy) can create stickers to tie together your party’s theme throughout every element of the […]

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