The Weight of The Signs

As if the number on the scales isn’t telling enough, the world around me is literally willing me to the gym. I will myself to the gym every day, though I usually stop short at just jogging around the internet while wearing Newbies and a sports bra. Not today, though. Today when I rose (after watching Biggest Loser last night with a glass of red in one hand, a fudge bar in the other; until someone weights less than me, I feel pretty righteous) I threw on a t-shirt from a 5k I ran two years ago. Two years ago was about the last time I was routine in well…anything, especially fitness.  I’m happy as a clam, living in a world of cupcakes and comfy clothes, but if falling in love and out of work has taught me anything it’s that I need structure. Otherwise, I get fat.  There’s your sign. But there’s more…

I just checked my email, and there’s a notice that the same 5k from the t-shirt, the Junior Leaguge Bright Beginnings Race, is happening again.   Sign? Maybe I’ll register!  As I go through my web rotations, I find that Elizabeth is declaring her diet intentions to the world.  I recall the days when Eliz and I shared jeans in college; they were a size 4. The last time we were together, we wore only drawstring pants, ordered lots of pizza and drank lots of wine. Fun….yes. Skinny….no.  I truly don’t need to be a size 4 again. It’s just my inching towards the square root of 144 that has me bothered.  Perhaps like Elizabeth, if I tell everyone, there will be a level of accountability to which I will be held…one bigger even than the wedding dress that is being made from measurements that would likely horrifiy me…IF I knew them. I asked the shop lady to not even tell me as she wrapped the tape measure for miles and miles around my hips. My iPod is charged, the morning rush crowd should be clear for now…I have no excuses to not go to the gym.   But I know myself…if I don’t have some sort of deadline or some higher power (vanity, perhaps?) to which I must answer, I’ll find one…That’s why I’m starting a new blog feature.

Wednesday Weigh-In

I am not quite ready to reveal the actual number that is on the scale, but I will, as of next Wedsnesday reveal whether said number has gone up or down.  I promise to be honest, too.  Now really…I must go the gym.
3.25 – Current Weight:  ALOT
4.1 – Weight Lost:  CHECK BACK NEXT WEEK!

One Response

  1. OK-the accountability thing is not working out quite as well as I hoped. But, now you are also calling me on it-as you should-so I am going to be better. I swear. I am joining you for the Wed weigh in-with you I will declare if it is up or down. Maybe from miles and miles apart, we can motivate! LOVE YOU!!!!!!

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