New blog feature: Themes for Thursday!

It’s no big secret,  I love a themed party…sometimes to a fault. Just yesterday I purchased a dress for an engagement party that is being hosted for Dan and me. The dress I bought looks nearly identical to the dress the girl on the invite is wearing. I swear that wasn’t planned….theme honoring is just in my blood! That’s why each Thursday I’ll be highlighting real parties, from those that I actually host or attend, to the fabulous festivities I find online where themes are fun and fabulously executed!

I’m kicking off Themes for Thursday (T4T) with a baby shower idea that left me longing for my own bump! Since that is a very empty reason for planning a family, I’ll stick to planning parties, all while hoping for some of my 80’s loving friends to get knocked up with a girl. Once that happens, a Pretty In Pink shower will be ready to go! Check out just some of the photos from this blush baby bash, all found on one of my favorite sites, The Hostess Blog.

A professional planner was hired to do this baby shower. It’s unlikley that most of us keep a social director on retainer, but these photos provide such great ideas to steal for any type of entertainging you may do. The symmetry of the tablescape, for example, can easily be created each time you display food for guests. The Pretty In Pink labels give a wonderful custom look to the party, and anyone with a color printer (or an addiction to Etsy) can create stickers to tie together your party’s theme throughout every element of the event.  Click here for more photos, inspiration and DIY tips from the Pretty in Pink  shower.

Next Thursday:  My upcoming birthday party, inspired by an early gift received from my BFF Cassie……and the raccoon attack happening under my eyes!


2 Responses

  1. That baby shower is insanely cute! Sadly, not nearly the same caliber as your party will be 😦

  2. […] it was last week’s 80’s theme that sent me back into the parties of my youth, but when it came time to celebrate my 32nd year, a […]

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