Weight In #1


The weight is just falling off me.  Or more so, I am falling all over myself.  I must be off balance since I’m 1.6 pounds lighter!!!!!

Weight lost over the last 7 days: 1.6lbs;  Number of times I’ve fallen down: 2

 Since I began a pointed attempt at skinny, I have busted my rear twice. The first time in a parking lot, I took a fall when a curb got in my way, leaving a nice, bloody strawberry on my knee. Yesterday, in all of my grace, I didn’t anticipate the final 3 stairs in my house and crashed into the hall while twisting up my right ankle. The knee injury kept me out of the gym one day, and left me unable to do squats. As I blog I’ve got one leg propped up on pillows in an attempt to deflate the swelling that is still in my ankle. Gym today? Not likely. Still, I’m excited about the 1.6lb deficit.


One Response

  1. That’s progress! You have had an unusually high number of falls lately… I still think it’s from the weight of your engagement ring.

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