More napkins…

Clearly I am having a very napkin-centric Tuesday, but  instead of worrying about your judgement (today I have swept floors, mopped and folded laundry so I have earned some frivolous internetting…) I’m going to share what I am finding…..

photo credit: ebay

photo credit: ebay

You can buy personalized and monogrammed napkins on ebay! AND, best of all, they are CHEAP! Who knew?? A tad pricier, yes, than just a bag full of plain whites, but at less than $10 (and FREE SHIPPING!!!)  for 50 napkins – cocktail and luncheon – why wouldn’t you splurge if you’re hosting a small party or shower to celebrate a milestone birthday, baby, or bride-to-be? The price is just pennies more than buying decorative napkins  at a party store  (and easier than ironing your linen ones). Your guests will never know how little you spent to make your party look custom and fabulous.  I can hear them gossiping now…Can you believe she ordered custom napkins…fancy!   Nope…just cheap!!!  Oh, how the little things make my day……


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