Pick Me (and Julia!) Eddie!

I have a mother and a fiance who are going to say WHAT? when they find out that the Saturday before the wedding  I’ve RSVPed to go shopping with Eddie Ross at the DC Big Flea.  The timing  is not perfect, but Eddie’s style is, and I think it a bigger risk to not spend the weekend before the nupts combing for treasures with someone like Eddie.   I just know that if he chooses Julia (mom-to-be and super savy decorator) and me that he could help us find accessories to stage the biggest events in our respective worlds to date …a wedding and a nursey.  Not to mention….we’re a pretty good time!

Dear Eddie,

Would it help if I told you that my wedding dress can be found in the Spring 2009 Martha Stewart Weddings??  Would you be more inclined to choose me if I told you that for my wedding breakfast, to be held in the dining room of an old Virginia  manor house, my mother is driving up from Tennessee  iron stone pitchers from her collection to place, filled with flowers, inside  built-in cabinets, circa 1814???  During the reception, I’m serving grilled veggies atop an antique window!  And, I didn’t want it to come to this, but….you did promise.

See you 9.19!


I Do Declare


May I register at your Etsy store?


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