Weigh-In #4


After all these weeks of hating my scale, I have figured out today that it is pretty fancy, saving the weight of the last weigh-in, then reporting the current weight.  That, coupled with the 1 pound I have shed this week makes me BFF with that little black square!  YAY!  This is the first time in my month of really dieting (and when I say “really”, I do so lightly; I admit I haven’t exactly been Valerie Bertinelli during this process) of losing two weeks in a row.  I know it’s just one pound, but it feels so good, so motivating! I am more likely to work-out today (as I have for the last two days!!) because of what the scale told me than I would have been if I had gained weight. Backwards, I know…but that’s how my crazy mind works. 

Weight In #1  (4/1/09)- minus 1.6lbs

Weight In #2  (4/8/09)- plus 1lb

Weight In #3 (4/15/09) – minus 1.4

Weight In #4 (4/21/09) – minus 1lb


One Response

  1. I found your lost pound down here in Knoxville. Not to worry-I happily absorbed said pound this past week so you don’t need to worry about its orphaned status:(

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