Black Ankle Winery

Nope, it’s not named for my  right foot, still in a brace after my clumsy fall….but Black Ankle Vineyards is a charming, eco-friendy winery hidden in Fredrick County, MD.  The drive on a rough, windy backroad is SO worth it when, once inside,  a rustic tasting room reveals  natural, creative architechture and design, along with unique, award-winning  wines .  

Hand-made tables in the tasting room

Hand-made tables in the tasting room

Black Ankle bottles dry and bold wines,  not the typical sweet labels found at most Maryland wineries.  They offer tasty chocolates flights and cheese trays,  but you can take your own snackage if you dine outside,  or in the back courtyard in a rocking chair.

Kim & Ben

Kim & Ben

The building that houses the tasting rooms, and nearly everything inside, is made from resources found on the land where the grapes are grown.  The insulation?? Hay!! Check out the website for the interesting story on the winery, and all of its fun events!

The boys, especially Ben, were fascinated with the natural gutter system. I can’t begin to explain how it works, but it has something to do with a chain and a big barrell.

More exciting than sipping wine OR sippy cups!

More exciting than sipping wine OR sippy cups!

I have a feeling this won’t be the only visit I make to Black Ankle. The staff is so friendly and I especially loved the white wine selections! The relaxing Maryland countryside on which it sits makes it a really unqiue place to waste a day….which is just what we did!!




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