Weigh-In #5,6



This is a picture of some yummy lemon bars I made yesterday:


This is a picture of me sending the yummy lemon bars into a place where I will not be tempted to eat them – and not because the zest is a good cleaner for the disposal….


Why? Because when I stepped on the scale, that fancy scale of mine that stores your skinny weight but is so quick to reveal your gains, I saw how the indulgences of the last two weeks (including but not limited to: Littons, LuLu’s Tea Room, wine, shells and cheese (yes- Velveeta), more wine, a Wendy’s cheeseburger (junior, but still ..) a Skor bar, some Baja Fresh, some Boardwalk Frys and some McDonalds) metabolized: I gained two pounds. Not just one – TWO! That would be a pound A WEEK since the last time I weighed in.  It goes without saying that I am going through the Big D’s of Dieting – defeat, depression, discouragment. 

Here’s the nasty breakdown:

Weight In #1  (4/1/09)- minus 1.6lbs

Weight In #2  (4/8/09)- plus 1lb

Weight In #3 (4/15/09) – minus 1.4

Weight In #4 (4/21/09) – minus 1lb

Weight In #5, 6 95/6/09) –plus 2lbs

I’m off to see if Lane Bryant has a bridal line, and if Kirstie Ally wants to be a bridesmaid.


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