Ten Things

Ten things, in no particular order, that I have been doing since I clearly have not been blogging…

10. Gardening – I have Before and After photos I’ll post soon of the back yard. I’ve planted in window boxes before, but this was my first effort at digging into the Earth. Weeks later, flowers and plants are in full bloom!
9. Home Improvements – The black spray paint can has re-emerged! Coming soon, Before and After shots of a shelf I painted, and a new green bathroom.
8. Reading – I LOVE reading in the summer, and I’m four books in to some amusing stories. Reviews and recommendations to come…
7. Dieting & Exercising – Yes, STILL. But it’s for real now. I got The Call a few weeks ago….my wedding dress has arrived. I saw the name of the bridal store on my caller id and I couldn’t have had more reluctance answering if it had been a bill collector instead. My body just isn’t yet ready…but my first fitting in July 3. See you at the gym!
6. Shopping – Shower outfits, hostess gifts, make-up, sunglasses, wedding bands – all just reminders of why I need a job again!
5. Job Searching – Like dieting, it hasn’t been given the attention it needs and deserves, but I browse  now and again and seem to be more hopeful than ever!
4. Trip Planning – We’re less than 4 months out for the wedding and still, there have been no plane tickets purchased, no hotel reservations made for the honeymoon.  A few destinations are being entertained, now it’s just a matter of logistics…
3. Parties! – My first bridal shower, baby showers and  a Kenny Chesney-inspired kic-off to summer…photos to come!

2. The Pool – A little bit of  #7  (laps – so exhausting!) and a lot more of  #8
1. Counting down the days til I get hitched – it’s less than 100!


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