Sneak Peak!

I fell in love with my wedding invitation long before I fell in love with the man I’ll soon marry….

When I got engaged, I didn’t immediatly know what kind of dress I would wear,  I still can’t decide about flowers but I have always had a clear vision of  how my wedding invitation would look. While there are all kinds of styles these days that fit all sorts of personalities,  my preference remains traditional and classic (and luckily for me and my vision Dan could care less about such decisions).  Since one understated, beautiful card arrived in my mailbox back in 1999 I have longed to send out handwritten invitations to my own wedding.  I had never received one before, and haven’t received one since!

 I spent months searching for a caligrapher to create ours. Those in my budget wouldn’t take on the challenge, and those out of my budget were…well, unaffoardable. Luckily for me, some boards led me to newcomer Kelly Rega of Calligraphy by Kelly Ann who was brave enough to take to the ink with all the formal details of our big day. It is so fun to work with Kelly! I won’t reveal the full look, of course, on the off chance that you too get excited at the arrival of pretty papers, but I could not resist sharing just a peak at Kelly’s beautiful penmenship.

invite 002


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  1. She’s doing my invites too and i’m super excited! So glad you loved her! 🙂

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