About Me

My resume -while colorful-  reads like a roadmap to no where! Still, it has taken me to most all the places I’ve ever longed to  go….professionally, that is.  I’ve jumped from television to politics to party planning to PR…all to end up, at least for a while, as a stay-at-home dog mom.  I grew up in the small-town South, went to Washington on a whim, and now I’m living full-on burbalicious in Maryland.  While I search for the next dream in which to dabble, I am using this windfall of time to indulge the things I most love: family & friends, entertaining, home decor, writing and finding tiny ways to add great whimsy to every day.


3 Responses

  1. Patra, I do declare that I love it!

  2. I will read your blog anytime-most blogs are so blah, but this one is a scream. Plus, while reading it, I feel as if you are in the room. I forgot about Apple Jacks and will serve them at my Halloween Happy Hour in your honour.

    I will say this…I never thought in a million years that you would purchase a halloween costume for dog!!!! Too bad Chloe and Stazi don’t live closer, we could take them doggy treatin’.

  3. You are the highlight of my day!
    Miss you in the south,

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