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May 4, 2009

Will you be watching???

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Dolly in DC!
February 13, 2009

When Dolly Parton is in a 40 mile radius of me, I do what I can to be there for her. If it means buying a concert ticket, fine. Hanging out at a bar in the hotel where she was rumored to be staying? Done it! The  enthusiasum I hold for my idol and muse knows no boundaries.  I was with Dolly when she was presented the Library of Congress Living Legends Award, (on the  short list of neatest things I’ve done in Washington) therefore it made sense to catch up with her Tuesday when she performed at The Tennessee Sampler in  Washington, promoting the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  Pictures and stories ( including a Jimmy Yarber sighting) of that to come (when Jenni sends them to me; my camera is still MIA….) but first, a shot that Shannon snapped when she saw DRP at the National Press Club lunch where she spoke on her Imaginiation Library.  Yes, NY Times Shannon  –  she is everywhere!

Dolly at the National Press Club

Dolly at the National Press Club

Countdown to Kick-Off!
January 15, 2009

TV Addict

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There are two big sporting events in my house this week.  Sunday’s Ravens vs. Steelers play-off game and tomorrow’s  debut of Friday Night Lights, Season 3.  I’m so ready.   That’s why come gametime tomorrow, I’ll be joing other mega-fans Franny and Matt Decker for a Panther/Texas/ football themed-evening that will make Coach give me that evasive,  yet pridefilled look of approval. You should tune in, too….NBC, 9pm.