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Going to Tennessee, Y’all!
April 24, 2009


Following the lead of Miley’s dad, today I am on my way back to Tennessee. Oh, Joblessness, how I adore the impromtu road trips you allow! Oh Employment….with you I would have flown. Still – I’m excited!!

While home  I plan to celebrate  a belated birthday with Cas, who will also be visiting our beloved County.  I get to shop with one of my bridesmaids and Mom for wedding attire, AND my future in-laws just happen to be vacationing in the Smoky Mountains, so I get to mediate their first meeting with my parents.   I also have every intention to lure my grandmother into making her famous cherry pie…because cherries are fruit, and dieting girls like me need all the health food we can get!





Behind the Pearly Gates
December 16, 2008

UT basketball coach Bruce Pearl  and I have some things in common when it comes to home decor: we both love round dining room tables, free standing bath tubs and are heavy into neutral colors.  Unlike me, Bruce lives in a 16 room estate, and that’s where the common threads of our homes start to to fray.  Check out Bruce in his home court in this article, courtesy of Vol Fan Chris Bradley.