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New and Improved Blog
November 1, 2009

I’m moving…I’m taking this first attempt at blogging and raising it up a notch.

I Do Declare has gotten a new look – and you can find it here.  Please come visit me at my new site!


For the record…
June 21, 2009

Chloe has been eating Puppy Pops LONG before the First Dog ever thought about it…. I’ve never intended to get political on this blog, I just hope the Presidential visit to my beloved Dairy Godmother doesn’t result in longer lines!


Ten Things
June 21, 2009

Ten things, in no particular order, that I have been doing since I clearly have not been blogging…

10. Gardening – I have Before and After photos I’ll post soon of the back yard. I’ve planted in window boxes before, but this was my first effort at digging into the Earth. Weeks later, flowers and plants are in full bloom!
9. Home Improvements – The black spray paint can has re-emerged! Coming soon, Before and After shots of a shelf I painted, and a new green bathroom.
8. Reading – I LOVE reading in the summer, and I’m four books in to some amusing stories. Reviews and recommendations to come…
7. Dieting & Exercising – Yes, STILL. But it’s for real now. I got The Call a few weeks ago….my wedding dress has arrived. I saw the name of the bridal store on my caller id and I couldn’t have had more reluctance answering if it had been a bill collector instead. My body just isn’t yet ready…but my first fitting in July 3. See you at the gym!
6. Shopping – Shower outfits, hostess gifts, make-up, sunglasses, wedding bands – all just reminders of why I need a job again!
5. Job Searching – Like dieting, it hasn’t been given the attention it needs and deserves, but I browse  now and again and seem to be more hopeful than ever!
4. Trip Planning – We’re less than 4 months out for the wedding and still, there have been no plane tickets purchased, no hotel reservations made for the honeymoon.  A few destinations are being entertained, now it’s just a matter of logistics…
3. Parties! – My first bridal shower, baby showers and  a Kenny Chesney-inspired kic-off to summer…photos to come!

2. The Pool – A little bit of  #7  (laps – so exhausting!) and a lot more of  #8
1. Counting down the days til I get hitched – it’s less than 100!

Recession BackLASH
April 20, 2009

“Don’t let these false eyelashes lead you to believe that
I’m as shallow as I look ’cause I run true and deep”

                                                                                                                                                                         -Dolly Parton, “Backwoods Barbie”

History shows that when our country is in a crisis, financial or otherwise, lipstick sales increase.   The small luxury of splurging on something glossy and glam appears to appease women when we can’t or shouldn’t shop for other frivolities. I love lipstick as much as the next gal, but when it comes to keeping a brave face during these troubled times, I’m holding close to my latest obsession – fake lashes. 

Yes,  at $12 a set it’s a bit splurgey to indulge, but if cleaned and handled properly, you can extend the wear for quite some time.  And just think of all the money one can save on mascara!!!

Theme for Thursday: Love Lessons
April 16, 2009

Theme: School  Event: Wedding



A wedding doesn’t have to be Platinum to be perfect, and nothing proves that more than this school themed wedding showcased recently on Elizabeth Anne Designs, a fantastic wedding blog.


 The featured bride is a teacher, and her wedding planner pulled the classic elements of a school day – boxed lunches, a school bus, and school projects from the bride’s students- to give the couple and their guest an entertaining lesson in love! I think this really simple theme adds so much character!!  Click here for more details and photos of this wedding….

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Anne Designs

More napkins…
April 7, 2009

Clearly I am having a very napkin-centric Tuesday, but  instead of worrying about your judgement (today I have swept floors, mopped and folded laundry so I have earned some frivolous internetting…) I’m going to share what I am finding…..

photo credit: ebay

photo credit: ebay

You can buy personalized and monogrammed napkins on ebay! AND, best of all, they are CHEAP! Who knew?? A tad pricier, yes, than just a bag full of plain whites, but at less than $10 (and FREE SHIPPING!!!)  for 50 napkins – cocktail and luncheon – why wouldn’t you splurge if you’re hosting a small party or shower to celebrate a milestone birthday, baby, or bride-to-be? The price is just pennies more than buying decorative napkins  at a party store  (and easier than ironing your linen ones). Your guests will never know how little you spent to make your party look custom and fabulous.  I can hear them gossiping now…Can you believe she ordered custom napkins…fancy!   Nope…just cheap!!!  Oh, how the little things make my day……

Lucketts Design House
April 1, 2009



Hold on to your unemployment checks because the folks at Lucketts Store are having a showcase weekend in their Designs House. I know I toss around the word fabulous a lot, but the Design House is FAB.U.LOUS. I mean it.  Everything about it. If I could choose any structure, anywhere, to call my home, it’d be this house – even without its fabulous furnishings (I might paint the front porch, but still, I LOVE IT).  I love the architecture of this house (and the fact that they hand you wine when you walk in the door to sip while you shop isn’t bad either…)is incredible; the amazing accessories and furniture it’s stocked with makes it even more intoxicating.  I am serious when I say I dream about living here.  I have.

Look for me there on Sunday, resisting the urge to buy.

Photo Credits: The Lucketts Store/Facebook


New blog feature: Themes for Thursday!
March 26, 2009

It’s no big secret,  I love a themed party…sometimes to a fault. Just yesterday I purchased a dress for an engagement party that is being hosted for Dan and me. The dress I bought looks nearly identical to the dress the girl on the invite is wearing. I swear that wasn’t planned….theme honoring is just in my blood! That’s why each Thursday I’ll be highlighting real parties, from those that I actually host or attend, to the fabulous festivities I find online where themes are fun and fabulously executed!

I’m kicking off Themes for Thursday (T4T) with a baby shower idea that left me longing for my own bump! Since that is a very empty reason for planning a family, I’ll stick to planning parties, all while hoping for some of my 80’s loving friends to get knocked up with a girl. Once that happens, a Pretty In Pink shower will be ready to go! Check out just some of the photos from this blush baby bash, all found on one of my favorite sites, The Hostess Blog.

A professional planner was hired to do this baby shower. It’s unlikley that most of us keep a social director on retainer, but these photos provide such great ideas to steal for any type of entertainging you may do. The symmetry of the tablescape, for example, can easily be created each time you display food for guests. The Pretty In Pink labels give a wonderful custom look to the party, and anyone with a color printer (or an addiction to Etsy) can create stickers to tie together your party’s theme throughout every element of the event.  Click here for more photos, inspiration and DIY tips from the Pretty in Pink  shower.

Next Thursday:  My upcoming birthday party, inspired by an early gift received from my BFF Cassie……and the raccoon attack happening under my eyes!

The Weight of The Signs
March 25, 2009

As if the number on the scales isn’t telling enough, the world around me is literally willing me to the gym. I will myself to the gym every day, though I usually stop short at just jogging around the internet while wearing Newbies and a sports bra. Not today, though. Today when I rose (after watching Biggest Loser last night with a glass of red in one hand, a fudge bar in the other; until someone weights less than me, I feel pretty righteous) I threw on a t-shirt from a 5k I ran two years ago. Two years ago was about the last time I was routine in well…anything, especially fitness.  I’m happy as a clam, living in a world of cupcakes and comfy clothes, but if falling in love and out of work has taught me anything it’s that I need structure. Otherwise, I get fat.  There’s your sign. But there’s more…

I just checked my email, and there’s a notice that the same 5k from the t-shirt, the Junior Leaguge Bright Beginnings Race, is happening again.   Sign? Maybe I’ll register!  As I go through my web rotations, I find that Elizabeth is declaring her diet intentions to the world.  I recall the days when Eliz and I shared jeans in college; they were a size 4. The last time we were together, we wore only drawstring pants, ordered lots of pizza and drank lots of wine. Fun….yes. Skinny….no.  I truly don’t need to be a size 4 again. It’s just my inching towards the square root of 144 that has me bothered.  Perhaps like Elizabeth, if I tell everyone, there will be a level of accountability to which I will be held…one bigger even than the wedding dress that is being made from measurements that would likely horrifiy me…IF I knew them. I asked the shop lady to not even tell me as she wrapped the tape measure for miles and miles around my hips. My iPod is charged, the morning rush crowd should be clear for now…I have no excuses to not go to the gym.   But I know myself…if I don’t have some sort of deadline or some higher power (vanity, perhaps?) to which I must answer, I’ll find one…That’s why I’m starting a new blog feature.

Wednesday Weigh-In

I am not quite ready to reveal the actual number that is on the scale, but I will, as of next Wedsnesday reveal whether said number has gone up or down.  I promise to be honest, too.  Now really…I must go the gym.
3.25 – Current Weight:  ALOT
4.1 – Weight Lost:  CHECK BACK NEXT WEEK!

I am such a Twitter!
March 22, 2009



Everyone is doing it, even my TV boyfriend Coach Taylor and the most clever Twit, the TOTUS Follow me on Twitter….I’ll be announcing soon a new media adventure, and I’ll be needing your help for its success.  My user name is DoDeclare.