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Sneak Peak!
June 30, 2009

I fell in love with my wedding invitation long before I fell in love with the man I’ll soon marry….

When I got engaged, I didn’t immediatly know what kind of dress I would wear,  I still can’t decide about flowers but I have always had a clear vision of  how my wedding invitation would look. While there are all kinds of styles these days that fit all sorts of personalities,  my preference remains traditional and classic (and luckily for me and my vision Dan could care less about such decisions).  Since one understated, beautiful card arrived in my mailbox back in 1999 I have longed to send out handwritten invitations to my own wedding.  I had never received one before, and haven’t received one since!

 I spent months searching for a caligrapher to create ours. Those in my budget wouldn’t take on the challenge, and those out of my budget were…well, unaffoardable. Luckily for me, some boards led me to newcomer Kelly Rega of Calligraphy by Kelly Ann who was brave enough to take to the ink with all the formal details of our big day. It is so fun to work with Kelly! I won’t reveal the full look, of course, on the off chance that you too get excited at the arrival of pretty papers, but I could not resist sharing just a peak at Kelly’s beautiful penmenship.

invite 002


Something Blue…
June 26, 2009

label 003

In just one week from today I have my first wedding dress fitting. In just three months from today I will be wearing my dress!   No one will see this sweet monogram that will be sewn inside, so I am showing it to you now.  My initials, my wedding date, my Something Blue…I love it so much.  I ordered it from (where else?) Etsy, from a seller called LJO Embroidary  who adorns all kinds of beautiful keepsakes, and it was only $10!  Wouldn’t it be the perfect present to give to a bride, maybe on the day she goes dress shopping? Love, love, love it!


Showered With Love!
June 21, 2009

I had THE MOST fun at my very first bridal shower this Saturday. My bridesmaids, Carrie and Shannon, hosted and nearly all of my best DC friends came with such fun gifts!!! It was really all I could have hoped for and more – the girls had napkins printed with my monogram, decorated Carrie’s sassy condo in the colors of the wedding and created the most personal video montage and gift bag favors. And the food……SO yummy!!! Here are some highlights:
Blonde and Bridal - My beautiful hosts and me

Blonde and Bridal - My beautiful hosts and bridesmaids

Yummy food that is not on my wedding diet!

Yummy food that is not on my wedding diet!

I love anything with a monogram on it...especially my own!
I love anything with a monogram on it…especially my own!
Pictures of me with Dan and my friends were all over the room - this shot of Cas and me on the day before we graduated high school was a crowd favorite!

Pictures of me with Dan and my friends were all over the room - this shot of Cas and me on the day before we graduated high school was a crowd favorite!


I laughed and cried the entire way through this adorable video!

I laughed and cried the entire way through this adorable video!

Guests left with this cute little favor bag full of my faves - champers, candy made in Tennessee and a cd of songs I love
Guests left with this cute little favor bag full of my faves – champers, candy made in Tennessee and a cd of songs I love

Pick Me (and Julia!) Eddie!
April 22, 2009

I have a mother and a fiance who are going to say WHAT? when they find out that the Saturday before the wedding  I’ve RSVPed to go shopping with Eddie Ross at the DC Big Flea.  The timing  is not perfect, but Eddie’s style is, and I think it a bigger risk to not spend the weekend before the nupts combing for treasures with someone like Eddie.   I just know that if he chooses Julia (mom-to-be and super savy decorator) and me that he could help us find accessories to stage the biggest events in our respective worlds to date …a wedding and a nursey.  Not to mention….we’re a pretty good time!

Dear Eddie,

Would it help if I told you that my wedding dress can be found in the Spring 2009 Martha Stewart Weddings??  Would you be more inclined to choose me if I told you that for my wedding breakfast, to be held in the dining room of an old Virginia  manor house, my mother is driving up from Tennessee  iron stone pitchers from her collection to place, filled with flowers, inside  built-in cabinets, circa 1814???  During the reception, I’m serving grilled veggies atop an antique window!  And, I didn’t want it to come to this, but….you did promise.

See you 9.19!


I Do Declare


May I register at your Etsy store?

Wedding Map
April 15, 2009


I know I should wait…but the proof is back from the map of our wedding, designed by Laura Hooper Caligraphy, and I just had to share. Depending on printing and timing, you may see this map on Save the Dates, but you will for sure see it on the wedding web page should I EVER feel it’s ready to go live!  Laura was so fun to work with, and made certain that every detail I requested was illustrated on the map…right down to little Chloe!

Last one…
April 7, 2009

I want to sit a mimosa on top of this napkin right now. All I can say is Bridesmaids’ Brunch, Wedding Day Breakfast. Cute. CUTE. C-U-T-E!!!





Wedding Details…
February 13, 2009

I must admit, it’s hard for me to not share everything Dan and I have planned for the wedding. What fun would that be if you knew everything to expect??  The voyer in me loves reading wedding blogs where brides reveal all their fun surprises, but the event planner in me knows I have to leave a bit of wow factor or you may not even attend! I can officially confirm the date:  September 26, 2009;  the church: Boggs Chapel at Randolph-Macon Academy in Front Royal, VA; and the reception site: The Manor House Inn at Farifield Farm on Marriott Ranch in Hume, VA.  If I were a savy blogger, I would know how to post the video I just found detailing the history of Marriott Ranch, and the historic region in Virginia where its located.  Rumor has it, Jesse James spent summers on the property that is now the largest working ranch on the East Coast.  Because I just learned tonight how to categorize blogs by subject,  all I can offer you is  this link  . Take  a sneak peak at this beautiful town where we’ll tie the knot!

Custom Monogram
January 13, 2009

monogram1I want to give a zillion plaudits to SwishDesigns, a California-based design company I found on The Bona Fide Preppy Bride blog  that for a mere $7 created a monogram for me to use throughout the wedding.  I wanted something very traditional, but custom designs are less than $20!  Donna, the designer, is AMAZING!  She solicits business through Etsy and her turn-around time is remarkable. I sent her an email of my vision, and within a half-hour she sent me proofs.  We worked back and forth via email until I had just what I wanted.  She creates monograms and papers for all sorts of events.  I cannot recommend her more!!!

Awkward Silence
January 13, 2009

I haven’t blogged in forever – nearly a month! I have no real excuse, but several empty ones:

  • The busy holiday season – 8 days in TN and I leave this weekend for Christmas Part 2 in Virginia Beach
  •  A misplaced camera – it must be around here somewhere, especially since I’m becoming Organized in ’09
  • I joined Facebook – it’s the ulitmate time suck, but how it nurtures the voyer in us all

I’ve also been reading other blogs more than attending to my own.  Blogs like Southern Weddings, Style Me Pretty and HumanStory because DAN AND I ARE ENGAGED! It happened back in December when I found a beautiful ring hanging on the Christmas tree (after thwarting plans for a fancy night on the town). One would think such a milestone would warrant at least a blurb on the blog, but who has time when you’re putting into motion plans you’ve been laying for 20 years? Hee…

There’s also the job search. Don’t ask.  Just hope.

In any case, I hope to be a better blogger in the new year, and am backlogging on some fun times and fun finds today!