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Weigh-In #5,6
May 6, 2009



This is a picture of some yummy lemon bars I made yesterday:


This is a picture of me sending the yummy lemon bars into a place where I will not be tempted to eat them – and not because the zest is a good cleaner for the disposal….


Why? Because when I stepped on the scale, that fancy scale of mine that stores your skinny weight but is so quick to reveal your gains, I saw how the indulgences of the last two weeks (including but not limited to: Littons, LuLu’s Tea Room, wine, shells and cheese (yes- Velveeta), more wine, a Wendy’s cheeseburger (junior, but still ..) a Skor bar, some Baja Fresh, some Boardwalk Frys and some McDonalds) metabolized: I gained two pounds. Not just one – TWO! That would be a pound A WEEK since the last time I weighed in.  It goes without saying that I am going through the Big D’s of Dieting – defeat, depression, discouragment. 

Here’s the nasty breakdown:

Weight In #1  (4/1/09)- minus 1.6lbs

Weight In #2  (4/8/09)- plus 1lb

Weight In #3 (4/15/09) – minus 1.4

Weight In #4 (4/21/09) – minus 1lb

Weight In #5, 6 95/6/09) –plus 2lbs

I’m off to see if Lane Bryant has a bridal line, and if Kirstie Ally wants to be a bridesmaid.


Weigh-In #5
April 29, 2009

I am still in Tennessee and my mother, in all her wisdom, does not keep a scale in the house. Thus, I can’t weight until I return home. I must admit I am not bothered by this reality. When one spends several days dining in Dixie, there is no great disappointment when weighing isn’t an option. I will face the music soon in Maryland, though..when I carry home in my saddlebags all the Sweet 16 powdered donuts I can’t stop eating!

Weigh-In #4
April 22, 2009


After all these weeks of hating my scale, I have figured out today that it is pretty fancy, saving the weight of the last weigh-in, then reporting the current weight.  That, coupled with the 1 pound I have shed this week makes me BFF with that little black square!  YAY!  This is the first time in my month of really dieting (and when I say “really”, I do so lightly; I admit I haven’t exactly been Valerie Bertinelli during this process) of losing two weeks in a row.  I know it’s just one pound, but it feels so good, so motivating! I am more likely to work-out today (as I have for the last two days!!) because of what the scale told me than I would have been if I had gained weight. Backwards, I know…but that’s how my crazy mind works. 

Weight In #1  (4/1/09)- minus 1.6lbs

Weight In #2  (4/8/09)- plus 1lb

Weight In #3 (4/15/09) – minus 1.4

Weight In #4 (4/21/09) – minus 1lb

Weigh-In #3
April 15, 2009


I need new scales.  After an indulgent week of Easter candy and party food, there is no way that I am down 1.4lbs! Thank you, Easter Bunny! Maybe all I needed was a bag of Sour Patch Jelly Beans to get my metobolism spinning?!

Weight In #1  (4/1/09)- minus 1.6lbs

Weight In #2  (4/8/09)- plus 1lb

Weight In #3 (4/15/09) – minus 1.4

In three weeks, this is not where I’d hoped to be, even though I am shocked that this was a Loss Week!  Here’s hoping it’s all downhill from here!

Weigh-In #2
April 8, 2009


The news is not good, friends. I’ll spare you the excuses and report, sadly, that this week I am up 1lb. Tragic.

Weight In #1  (4/1/09)- minus 1.6lbs

Weight In #2  (4/8/09)- plus 1lb

Bad. Bad. Bad.

I can’t say I’m surprised, as the sprained ankle kept me out of the gym. Also, instead of Skinny Dippers, I ate Dairy Godmother. The good thing about weekly weigh-ins is that every 7 days you get a fresh start. You also realize that when you splurge (in addition to the DGM there may have been some chinese, one emotional visit to the McDonald’s drive-through, some champange (3 nights…v bad) and some very yummy wine consumed among friends in celebration of a very successful golf tourney) it sticks. I’m just saying….I take responsibility.

Weight In #1
April 1, 2009


The weight is just falling off me.  Or more so, I am falling all over myself.  I must be off balance since I’m 1.6 pounds lighter!!!!!

Weight lost over the last 7 days: 1.6lbs;  Number of times I’ve fallen down: 2

 Since I began a pointed attempt at skinny, I have busted my rear twice. The first time in a parking lot, I took a fall when a curb got in my way, leaving a nice, bloody strawberry on my knee. Yesterday, in all of my grace, I didn’t anticipate the final 3 stairs in my house and crashed into the hall while twisting up my right ankle. The knee injury kept me out of the gym one day, and left me unable to do squats. As I blog I’ve got one leg propped up on pillows in an attempt to deflate the swelling that is still in my ankle. Gym today? Not likely. Still, I’m excited about the 1.6lb deficit.