Showered With Love!

June 21, 2009 - One Response
I had THE MOST fun at my very first bridal shower this Saturday. My bridesmaids, Carrie and Shannon, hosted and nearly all of my best DC friends came with such fun gifts!!! It was really all I could have hoped for and more – the girls had napkins printed with my monogram, decorated Carrie’s sassy condo in the colors of the wedding and created the most personal video montage and gift bag favors. And the food……SO yummy!!! Here are some highlights:
Blonde and Bridal - My beautiful hosts and me

Blonde and Bridal - My beautiful hosts and bridesmaids

Yummy food that is not on my wedding diet!

Yummy food that is not on my wedding diet!

I love anything with a monogram on it...especially my own!
I love anything with a monogram on it…especially my own!
Pictures of me with Dan and my friends were all over the room - this shot of Cas and me on the day before we graduated high school was a crowd favorite!

Pictures of me with Dan and my friends were all over the room - this shot of Cas and me on the day before we graduated high school was a crowd favorite!


I laughed and cried the entire way through this adorable video!

I laughed and cried the entire way through this adorable video!

Guests left with this cute little favor bag full of my faves - champers, candy made in Tennessee and a cd of songs I love
Guests left with this cute little favor bag full of my faves – champers, candy made in Tennessee and a cd of songs I love

Ten Things

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Ten things, in no particular order, that I have been doing since I clearly have not been blogging…

10. Gardening – I have Before and After photos I’ll post soon of the back yard. I’ve planted in window boxes before, but this was my first effort at digging into the Earth. Weeks later, flowers and plants are in full bloom!
9. Home Improvements – The black spray paint can has re-emerged! Coming soon, Before and After shots of a shelf I painted, and a new green bathroom.
8. Reading – I LOVE reading in the summer, and I’m four books in to some amusing stories. Reviews and recommendations to come…
7. Dieting & Exercising – Yes, STILL. But it’s for real now. I got The Call a few weeks ago….my wedding dress has arrived. I saw the name of the bridal store on my caller id and I couldn’t have had more reluctance answering if it had been a bill collector instead. My body just isn’t yet ready…but my first fitting in July 3. See you at the gym!
6. Shopping – Shower outfits, hostess gifts, make-up, sunglasses, wedding bands – all just reminders of why I need a job again!
5. Job Searching – Like dieting, it hasn’t been given the attention it needs and deserves, but I browse  now and again and seem to be more hopeful than ever!
4. Trip Planning – We’re less than 4 months out for the wedding and still, there have been no plane tickets purchased, no hotel reservations made for the honeymoon.  A few destinations are being entertained, now it’s just a matter of logistics…
3. Parties! – My first bridal shower, baby showers and  a Kenny Chesney-inspired kic-off to summer…photos to come!

2. The Pool – A little bit of  #7  (laps – so exhausting!) and a lot more of  #8
1. Counting down the days til I get hitched – it’s less than 100!

Weigh-In #5,6

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This is a picture of some yummy lemon bars I made yesterday:


This is a picture of me sending the yummy lemon bars into a place where I will not be tempted to eat them – and not because the zest is a good cleaner for the disposal….


Why? Because when I stepped on the scale, that fancy scale of mine that stores your skinny weight but is so quick to reveal your gains, I saw how the indulgences of the last two weeks (including but not limited to: Littons, LuLu’s Tea Room, wine, shells and cheese (yes- Velveeta), more wine, a Wendy’s cheeseburger (junior, but still ..) a Skor bar, some Baja Fresh, some Boardwalk Frys and some McDonalds) metabolized: I gained two pounds. Not just one – TWO! That would be a pound A WEEK since the last time I weighed in.  It goes without saying that I am going through the Big D’s of Dieting – defeat, depression, discouragment. 

Here’s the nasty breakdown:

Weight In #1  (4/1/09)- minus 1.6lbs

Weight In #2  (4/8/09)- plus 1lb

Weight In #3 (4/15/09) – minus 1.4

Weight In #4 (4/21/09) – minus 1lb

Weight In #5, 6 95/6/09) –plus 2lbs

I’m off to see if Lane Bryant has a bridal line, and if Kirstie Ally wants to be a bridesmaid.

Black Ankle Winery

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Nope, it’s not named for my  right foot, still in a brace after my clumsy fall….but Black Ankle Vineyards is a charming, eco-friendy winery hidden in Fredrick County, MD.  The drive on a rough, windy backroad is SO worth it when, once inside,  a rustic tasting room reveals  natural, creative architechture and design, along with unique, award-winning  wines .  

Hand-made tables in the tasting room

Hand-made tables in the tasting room

Black Ankle bottles dry and bold wines,  not the typical sweet labels found at most Maryland wineries.  They offer tasty chocolates flights and cheese trays,  but you can take your own snackage if you dine outside,  or in the back courtyard in a rocking chair.

Kim & Ben

Kim & Ben

The building that houses the tasting rooms, and nearly everything inside, is made from resources found on the land where the grapes are grown.  The insulation?? Hay!! Check out the website for the interesting story on the winery, and all of its fun events!

The boys, especially Ben, were fascinated with the natural gutter system. I can’t begin to explain how it works, but it has something to do with a chain and a big barrell.

More exciting than sipping wine OR sippy cups!

More exciting than sipping wine OR sippy cups!

I have a feeling this won’t be the only visit I make to Black Ankle. The staff is so friendly and I especially loved the white wine selections! The relaxing Maryland countryside on which it sits makes it a really unqiue place to waste a day….which is just what we did!!




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Will you be watching???

photo credit:

photo credit:

Weigh-In #5

April 29, 2009 - 2 Responses

I am still in Tennessee and my mother, in all her wisdom, does not keep a scale in the house. Thus, I can’t weight until I return home. I must admit I am not bothered by this reality. When one spends several days dining in Dixie, there is no great disappointment when weighing isn’t an option. I will face the music soon in Maryland, though..when I carry home in my saddlebags all the Sweet 16 powdered donuts I can’t stop eating!

I’m in!

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It’s official – I get to go shopping with Eddie Ross! September is going to be the BEST month ever!!!

Going to Tennessee, Y’all!

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Following the lead of Miley’s dad, today I am on my way back to Tennessee. Oh, Joblessness, how I adore the impromtu road trips you allow! Oh Employment….with you I would have flown. Still – I’m excited!!

While home  I plan to celebrate  a belated birthday with Cas, who will also be visiting our beloved County.  I get to shop with one of my bridesmaids and Mom for wedding attire, AND my future in-laws just happen to be vacationing in the Smoky Mountains, so I get to mediate their first meeting with my parents.   I also have every intention to lure my grandmother into making her famous cherry pie…because cherries are fruit, and dieting girls like me need all the health food we can get!




Theme for Thursday – Sleepover

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I don’t think I’ve ever, ever seen a cuter table!!! Honeslty, I thought about NOT posting this so I could create this table and my friends would think it was my own idea.

photo credit: Real Simple

photo credit: Real Simple

How perfect for a  kids’ slumber party…or a grown-up girly night for that matter (EstroFests as they are known in my world) especially if you plan to watch Sleepless in Seattle! Or….with some more adult linens it’d make a great table for a bachelorrette dinner or a lingerie party, as well!

Pick Me (and Julia!) Eddie!

April 22, 2009 - One Response

I have a mother and a fiance who are going to say WHAT? when they find out that the Saturday before the wedding  I’ve RSVPed to go shopping with Eddie Ross at the DC Big Flea.  The timing  is not perfect, but Eddie’s style is, and I think it a bigger risk to not spend the weekend before the nupts combing for treasures with someone like Eddie.   I just know that if he chooses Julia (mom-to-be and super savy decorator) and me that he could help us find accessories to stage the biggest events in our respective worlds to date …a wedding and a nursey.  Not to mention….we’re a pretty good time!

Dear Eddie,

Would it help if I told you that my wedding dress can be found in the Spring 2009 Martha Stewart Weddings??  Would you be more inclined to choose me if I told you that for my wedding breakfast, to be held in the dining room of an old Virginia  manor house, my mother is driving up from Tennessee  iron stone pitchers from her collection to place, filled with flowers, inside  built-in cabinets, circa 1814???  During the reception, I’m serving grilled veggies atop an antique window!  And, I didn’t want it to come to this, but….you did promise.

See you 9.19!


I Do Declare


May I register at your Etsy store?